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Who I am, and what I'll be doing!

2013-11-20 15:46:53 by TheGovernor

Right then, first post for me, so I'll introduce myself since I plan to be on here for a while.
I'm 18 years old, from England and I love Flash! I've only recently been introduced to the program while doing coursework, but I've caught on well I think :D
I've got two things that I know I want to make and hopefully put on this website and pass judgement :)
The first one will be a Frogger game of sort, but with my own twist on it. I'll most likely bring this out first. (The one in the picture).
The second game which will be a longer process will have a similar format to Sagiterian (Think that's spelt right)
It's art style though will be one I think people will either love it or hate it... It's simple, but artistic I think. I've got a good script which I'm looking forward to showing you lot.
And as you can probably tell I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead and my favourite character, obviously is the Governor! I also made that my username, because it sounds badass.

Anyway I look forward to showing you guys what I can do!

Who I am, and what I'll be doing!


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